All the projects I am building from the FreeCodeCamp Front End Development map.

Show the Local Weather

a year ago
Callback hell About the same time last year I got stuck in what I now know was “callback hell”. At that time I was working on the “Show the Local Weather” app from FreeCodeCamp’s Intermediate Front...
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Writing blurb


a year ago
A plaintext version can be found here. Contact: email: [email protected] website: Experience: Designed and built the following projects: Portfolio (part of the FreeCodeCamp...
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a year ago
The full source code for the site is available on Github. This site is based on the source code from Kyle Gach. I am using it as a side project to build my own site off and as a way to learn more...
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Profile picture of you

I am teaching myself how to code by following this guide, which is created by P1xt. I am currently on Tier 2 - strengthen your foundation following the course How to Code: Simple Data.

I am building my projects with HTML, CSS and JavaScript (vanilla or Angular). All writing is done in Visual Studio Code and I am using gulp and browser-sync to help my build process.

When taking a break from coding I am probably a) doing fun things with my family or b) working out or c) kicking back while enjoying a craft beer.